Electrify Accelerator is a 12-week capability programme designed to help wahine and gender non-binary high-growth startup founders achieve investment readiness.

To be accepted, a founder must apply, interview, and be invited to join. The criteria for a startup to be considered are listed below:


  • Has a working minimum viable product (MVP)

  • Has an innovative, scalable solution and/or business model

  • Has early signs of market validation in at least one market

  • Has a founding team who possesses the technical or “hard” skills to tackle this particular problem

  • Preferably has at least two founding team members with at least one full-time


  • Has ambition to solve a globally relevant problem with a globally relevant solution
  • Has potential for solution to be scalable on a global stage
  • Has entered at least one geography/market and has a draft plan to expand into another geography/market
  • Is unafraid to fail/will continually persist through failures

  • Wants to raise private capital from world-class investors


Has a founding team who will:

  • Abide by the Ministry of Awesome Code of Conduct
    • Complete the entire programme, emergencies notwithstanding
    • Work full or near-full time on building the company
    • Regularly participate in the programming content
    • Regularly engage with the Ministry of Awesome Team, startup mentors, and other founders
    • Work from Te Ōhaka, if based in Ōtautahi Christchurch
  • Has the time availability to participate in an intensive, capability-building programme
  • Has the financial stability to participate in an intensive, capability-building agenda
  • Owns the majority, if not 100% of the startup company
  • Is interested in and committed to recurring, ongoing customer development and commercial activities

Still have questions? Check out our frequently asked questions.