The Accelerator programme

The potential for startup success soars with a diverse founding team. Shockingly, only 21% of high-growth startups in Aotearoa New Zealand have a woman on the founding team. Electrify Accelerator, Ministry of Awesome’s dynamic capability-building programme is designed to bridge this gap and grow the nation's economy.

What sets Electrify Accelerator apart

This 12-week, near full-time, no-nonsense programme is laser-focused on INVESTMENT READINESS. To be investment ready, companies need significant TRACTION, and to achieve traction, founders immerse themselves in CUSTOMER DEVELOPMENT.


Tailored for success, fun included

Effective and fun – the dual pillars of a successful programme. Electrify Accelerator takes a bespoke approach to each founder’s and company’s situation. Whether a founder juggles children, caregiver responsibilities, or is a community leader, this programme adapts. 


Our commitment to you

No matter who you are, our Ministry of Awesome programme supporters are here to help your company move quicker, scale faster, and achieve more than you thought possible.

At the end of the programme, you'll have the chance to pitch for up to $40k of private investment and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, change-makers, and allies of the broader movement at the 2024 Electrify Aotearoa conference.


Meet our 2024 programme managers who will be accelerating our wahine founders to new heights!

Charlotte Rebbeck


Charlotte Rebbeck, an accomplished entrepreneur, has left an indelible mark in the business world through her ventures. As the founder of Green Monkey, a thriving baby food business, she forged robust partnerships with retailers, propelling the company to success. Additionally, her co-founding role in Noopii Eco Luxe Nappies reflects her unwavering commitment to sustainability and positive change.


Expertise for Startup Founders

Charlotte is a seasoned entrepreneur with a proven track record in multiple startups, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of business. Her expertise particularly shines in operations and sales, where she excels in streamlining processes and driving revenue growth. 

Charlotte's proficiency also extends to brand development, leveraging her skills to create strong and memorable market identities. Notably, she excels in cultivating key relationships, emphasising the importance of authentic connections in achieving business success. 

With a well-rounded skill set, Charlotte is a dynamic professional capable of steering startups towards success through operational efficiency, strategic sales initiatives, brand excellence, and impactful relationships.

Christina Baldarelli


Christina brings a dynamic blend of entrepreneurial spirit and product leadership expertise to the forefront. As a former founder turned product development consultant, Christina's journey is marked by a deep-seated passion for supporting early-stage startups. Her dedication to empowering founders in converting their vision into tangible success stories underscores her invaluable contributions to the startup ecosystem.


Expertise for Startup Founders

Navigating the tumultuous terrain of startup ventures demands a versatile skill set on every front. With a background spanning enterprise SaaS products, direct-to-consumer (D2C), and business-to-business (B2B) propositions, Christina offers a wealth of experience tailored to meet the diverse needs of budding entrepreneurs. From assisting in the hunt for early traction to refining pitch-perfect narratives, Christina's expertise transcends traditional product development boundaries. 


With a strategic focus on aligning product innovation with market demands, she will help deliver sustainable growth and market penetration, empowering startups to scale.

With a strategic focus on aligning product innovation with market demands, she will help deliver sustainable growth and market penetration, empowering startups to scale.

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